Developing a subspecialist interest in Functional Neurosurgery usually involves completing a Fellowship after obtaining the Certificate of Compeltion of Training (CCT) in Neurosurgery.

St George's Fellowship 

"The Fellowship in Functional Neurosurgery at St George’s Hospital in London provides a comprehensive hands-on training in stereotactic and functional neurosurgery. Procedures performed include deep brain stimulation, lesional surgery, spinal neuromodulation, epilepsy surgery, and intrathecal drug delivery. We have close collaborations with multidisciplinary teams in movement disorders, epilepsy, and pain. Significant academic exposure is available with established groups in neuroimaging, neurophysiology, and neuropsychology. Finally, conference attendance, scientific presentations, and participation at training courses from local to international level are supported.”


The following units are currently offering Clinical Fellowships for UK trainees:

If you unit offers or is planning to offer a clinical fellowship in the future please contact the webmaster with details so it may be advertised here.